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Providing PSA Oxygen Systems Solutions Worldwide for Today’s Diverse Demand.


OXAIR, Ltd. is a North American manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high purity oxygen delivery systems, cylinder filling plants, and oxygen generators for medical, industrial, and military applications.

Since 1988, OXAIR Ltd. has been involved with the design, engineering, consultation and manufacturing of oxygen (UPS93-99.5% purity) generating systems, utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) as an air separation process.

Since 2005, OXAIR has delivered several containerized systems to Iraqi medical facilities operating in several cities. OXAIR’s line of oxygen cylinders filling plants range from as little as two cylinders per day to hundreds. The company has become a supplier of field deployable oxygen cylinder filling plants and supplies to the Spanish NATO contingent operating in Afghanistan and other crises areas. In addition to the PSA Oxygen Systems, OXAIR also offers VPSA Oxygen Systems for lower power consumption, and these systems are engineered to the specific application.

OXAIR serves a wide range of industries:

Aerospace, food and beverages, healthcare, glass industry, gold mining, chemicals, refining, ore and gas production, as well as other areas of general industry.

OXAIR Ltd. has placed several systems in operation around the world.

OXAIR can custom design and built an oxygen system to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

OXAIR Ltd. provides extensive pre-and post-sale training, service and support.

OXAIR’s commitment to deliver exceptional products and services that meet our customers’ diverse needs.